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Just a few of the kind words some clients have said about us ...
  MK 7 system hit the mark, samples taken better than manual sampler.
 It is very good quality. We like to sell that.

 The MK 7 system is going fine!
 The MK 7 closed system is performing well.
 Inspectors like the unit. Works well to date.
 Very satisfied with MK 7 kits, after 2 months’ use.

 Pleased with service and ALBTMS 502. have been using both with ‘excellent results’
 Called MK 14 and ALSB-V 1002 ‘Art of the industry’ appreciate the robust design of your equipment, and request quotation for open sampling”. “used on several tanks with great success. Very pleased with the unit.”
 Good response to the use of MK 7 Kit – “operators happy”.
 Using ALBTMS 502 & MK 1A Winder, “the equipment is now a component of everyday life”.
 Using BTMS 102 almost daily – “all good as usual”.
 ALSB-V 1002 & BTMS 102 in use regularly and meeting expectations.
 MK 14 Kit giving “Top Service”.
 No problems with MK 7 Kit.
 Very happy with ALBTMS 1002, using it to sample 90 mm and 250 mm from bottom.
 Very satisfied with MK 7 Kit.
 Using BTMS 302 and RNS 542 with existing MK 2 Winder. Performing well.
 MK 7 Sampling results are more accurate than manual sampling
 ALBTMS 1002 solved problems experienced with other samplers.
 MK 14 kit – top Rolls Royce service!
 ALBTMS 1002 – Every inspector should be equipped with one!