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Contaminated or ‘off-spec’ liquid cargoes are a perennial problem for oil tankers and terminals. The source of such a problem can vary, with contamination occurring anywhere from the shore tank at the load port to the shore pipeline during loading or on board the vessel itself. When cargo is found to be off-spec on arrival at the discharge port, the vessel could face a claim if no evidence of contamination from the loading port is available to present. Understandably, this can be very frustrating and has led to shipowners and terminals seeking defences against such claims, usually in the form of samples.

UK Sampling Gauges Ltd is a leading manufacturer of sampling equipment for liquids. Extra attention has been paid to enable reliable, accurate sampling, such as spot, running, all-level and bottom. In particular, its running samplers (RNS versions) and all-level samplers have data proving their superior accuracy and reliability compared with conventional systems. Hence, they enjoy strong support from oil companies’ oil loss departments.

The company offers three closed sampling systems in order to meet industry applications and requirements. All of these have the following unique features:
 Stainless steel tapes (tested up to 175 kg)
 Mechanical counter enabling constant reading of sampler depth
 Samples transferred through a special spout without sample contamination

 Unique sampler design enables MK10 and 14 systems to use samplers fitted with bottles that achieve better results than manual sampling, without sample decanting, thus the standard is maintained even in closed conditions
 During sampler retrieval, ‘fall-out’ cannot enter the sampler
 Incredible accuracy and reliability
 The unique bottom sampler ensures oil/water interface sampling, even at depths of 1-2 cm of water
 Highly secure and safe sampler/tape connection
 Ergonomic winding systems are more operator-friendly
 More environmentally friendly

The MK7 system uses 0.5-litre capacity samplers and is based on two-inch (50-mm) connections. The MK10 four-inch (102-mm) system uses 1-litre capacity samplers or optional bottle cage sampling and is provided with flange connection, as required. The MK14 five-inch (127-mm) system uses 1-litre glass bottles in special cages enabling universal sampling and is provided with flange connection, as required.

All of UK Sampling Gauges’ equipment has been tested in the field and shows that no gas is emitted into the atmosphere when compared to conventional sampling equipment. The company has stated its aim is to ensure that the accuracy of its sampling equipment remains of the highest standard for its customers.

The company will be showcasing its latest closed sampling range at this year’s StocExpo exhibition and conference in Rotterdam this month, previewing the MK7, MK10 and MK14 range of equipment. Each system – including samplers and adaptors – benefits from ATEX and IECEx approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The Answer to Manual Sampling Problems Is Here – UK Sampling Gauges Ltd Present A Range of ATEX / IECEx Approved Closed Sampling Equipment

UK Sampling Gauges Ltd showcase/demonstrate the latest closed sampling range (MK7, MK10, MK12, MK14) at the STOC EXPO expo in March 2019.

The winder systems can have varying couplings to suit 2inch to 6inch valves.

Each system (including samplers and adaptors) benefit from being ATEX and IECEx approved, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – directive 94/9/EC (ATEX certificate number SIRA 14ATEX6218X and IECEx certificate number IECEx SIR 16.0026X).

RVP Compatible
Along side the ATEX/IECEx approved closed sampling equipment UKSGL also have a RVP sampling kit compatible for use with the MK 7 winder. The design of the system allows the sample to be sealed as soon as it is drawn, without the need for decanting, so there is no loss of “light ends” – an essential requirement for RVP sampling.

A typical RVP kit comes complete with: MK 7 Winder and adaptors, RNS 402 B sampling cans, probes and keys, RNS carrying cradle and cooling drum and RNS emptying station – please see attached brochure for further details.

Self-Sealing Removable Cans/Bottles
Within the sampling range on offer are self-sealing samplers with removable bottles or cans. The sample is taken directly into the can or bottle and once retrieved the operator can safely and easily remove the bottle/can and send it to the lab without decanting or cross contaminating the contents – giving a true and representative sample each and every time.

Environmentally Friendly
All of UK Samping Gauges Ltd equipment is user and environmentally friendly. The equipment has been tried and tested in the field and when compared to conventional sampling equipment little to no gas is emitted in to the atmosphere when the operator uses UKSGL equipment.

About UK Sampling Gauges Ltd
All of UK Sampling Gauges Ltd equipment is designed and manufactured om site at the Bourne, Lincolnshire factory where a wide range of sampling equipment for liquids including various types and capacities of spot, all-level, running, bottom, sediment, restricted that fully comply with EN ISO 3170:2004, ASTMD 4057:2000 and ISO 5555:2001 have been developed. The equipment protfolio also includes a range of open and closed sampling systems that are ATEX (EN 13463-1:2009 and EN 13463-5:2011) and IECEx (ISO 80079-36 and ISO 80079-37) approved.

Accuracy and reliability is a key feature of UK Sampling Gauges Ltd equipment that helps to avoid repetitive sampling saving time and money. The company pride themselves on listening to customer feedback and comments to ensure that the equipment maintains a high standard and gains representative samples. Looking to the future – UK Sampling Gauges Ltd will continue to listening to customer needs and further developing our sampling equipment range to meet their sampling requirements and needs of an ever changing industry.

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