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Background: UK Sampling Gauges Ltd was first incorporated in 1986. The company initially designed and manufactured a novel type of liquid sampling device.

This device, known as a bottom sampler, "BTMS", is able to take samples of a liquid from various levels of a storage tank or ship's hold above bottom 0-35cm. The bottom sampler overcame the shortcomings present in other samplers and is still well received in the global Petrochemical industry.

During the years following its inception, the range of products has been greatly extended, to include many different types of samplers and associated pieces of equipment and so has widened our customer base.

Present: Our products are currently being sold throughout the world. UK Sampling Ltd is still under control of its founder and director, Captain (Merchant) Reginos Kimonides.

Our company mission is to provide reliable, accurate, operator and environmentally friendly equipment that meets oil industry requirements and standards.

The analysis of the sample, on which so much depends, is only as good as the sample itself! Our products are designed and manufactured to ensure that you get the right result, time after time.

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